Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's fitting to learn about magnets in a magnet school

There have been some articles in the local papers recently about a new magnet school for science, technology, and mathemmatics. Here's what the Ontario Montclair School District says about the new school:

Vineyard Elementary School will become the new Pre-K through eighth grade OMSD Science /Technology/Math Magnet. Students enrolled in this magnet program will participate in an enriched and integrated math, science and technology curriculum. Students will complete scientific investigations and “hands-on” activities designed to promote a deep understanding and appreciation for mathematical and scientific exploration integrated throughout literature and social studies. With the addition of third grade and seventh grade students in September 2009 and kindergarten through second and eighth grade students in September 2010, the Science/Technology/Math Magnet will become a kindergarten through eighth grade campus within three years.